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The short version of our story is that we met in our early twenties at a church in Dallas, dated for 11 months and got married in January of 2008. Jamey tells another version that involves Myspace, and me being a groupie, but since he was never in my "top 8" I have rejected that edition.  

The beginning of our marriage was marked by a lot of working and traveling. I was working full time at a church helping college and high school students get involved in serving our city and Jamey was touring the country with his band Green River Ordinance. But we both had an itch to do something more. After many talks, prayers, and nights of brewing and sampling homemade beer with some of close friends we decided in 2011 to open BREWED, our gastro pub / coffee shop here in Fort Worth. That same year, after falling more in love with the homeless and marginalized of Fort Worth I finally pursued my dream of starting my own 501c3 Non-Profit called The NET.

At the same time we thought "what the heck", lets move into and remodel a run down 1920's house that had been abandoned and rotting for 6 years. Needless to say, it was a busy year! But we were never scared of a messy fixer upper (well I usually was, but Jamey wasn't), because leading up to that we had moved into, remodeled, and and flipped 3 old homes in 4 years. Jamey loves the rehab, I love decor and design, and we both share a vision to never see something at face value. This lead the way to us putting traction to our passion for remodeling and restoring old homes. Jamey ended up starting a real estate business with his best friend in 2014.  

I guess you could say we resolved to take some risks as a family, pursue our dreams, and trust God with the results. Our goal with each endeavor has been and will always be to bless, impact, and serve others. I once heard someone say, "If you left your city would anyone notice? Would there be any impact to your departure and if so who would be affected by it?" We wanted this to be true of our lives. To leave everything a little better than we found it.

Today we are enjoying life as parents to Rosie and Justice (who joined our family through adoption last year) amidst the whirlwind of non profit-fundraising, house hunting and restoring, music playing, and restaurant-ing (Is that a word? ...Probably not). We are excited to share the ups and downs of our entrepreneurial journey, because it hasn't all been easy. If you want to learn from our design, serve, and business mistakes then sign up for our blog here. We hope to encourage you to take a risk and impact some lives along the way! 

We truly are so thankful you (or anyone) has stumbled upon our page. We like to say that we are living and following a slightly unconventional life that God has paved and planned specifically for us. So welcome to our little family's eclectic and humble pursuit of passion and purpose.

- The Ice's