The NET : 

The NET is a non profit in Fort Worth that exists to empower the city to restore dignity to people in poverty through community and relationships. Our goal is to see the people we serve walk in freedom and joy as whole individuals. It was founded in 2012 by Melissa who currently serves as the Executive Director.



The NET serves low-income neighborhoods to reach at-risk youth. Currently we have an after-school discipleship program for kids at local Low-income apartment. During the summer we provide educational and recreational excursions for the kids in our weekly discipleship program.

The NET serves the chronically homeless and those transitioning out of homelessness as well. Every Friday morning we share breakfast and play bingo with our street friends. This event has been happening every week for the last 6 years. We also do a monthly “family meal” with our street friends. This is a time to build true friendships with folks in the homeless community.

The NET serves victims of sexual exploitation in Fort Worth, specially women and girls, through a program we called Purchased. The desire of Purchased is to pursue women affected by the sex industry, show them that they have been created by God for a beautiful purpose, and walk with them toward a healthy life through outreach, friendship, and community. We want to help women come fully recovered survivor leaders.

We teach trafficking prevention classes at low-income school and the juvenile detention centers. Purchased does weekly jail visits to women brought into the County Jail on prostitution charges. We also provide each woman with an advocate who is in a specialty court program we assist with called RISE.