Little Miss Rosie Pearl



Roosevelt has definitely changed our lives for the better. I love learning about her every day. As I write this she is 5 weeks and one day old. She is starting to sleep good stretches through the night which is nice. We are still trying to help her learn to nap during the day but overall we are thankful for her consistency at night. Right now she hates taking baths, unlike her mama who would take baths multiple times a day if I had the time. She still lives in her swaddle from the hospital because it's the only thing we can get tight enough around her strong little arms. We tried the pretty Muslin ones or the ever convenient velcro ones, but she breaks through them so easily. (She thinks she wants her arms free from the swaddle but she can't handle her them so they scare her. It's so cute to see her shoot her arms in the air and then stare at them like where the heck did that come from) She is a feisty little girl (wonder where she got that), and super strong. She's been holding her head up almost since birth and she can army crawl already. Even the pediatrician joked when she was getting her newborn testing at 2 weeks how she was crawling away from her on the table because she didnt want to be poked and prodded. (PS It was a tie on who cried more at that appointment ...her or me)

Rosie is super alert when she’s awake and smiles a lot when she's sleeping. We think she's dreaming about milk. She loves nuzzling herself close and snuggling with her mama. Despite the fact that some days I feel like a house slug since its where I have the last 6 weeks, I know these times where I have no obligations or tasks to accomplish but to love the heck out of this little girl will soon become a distant memory so I'm trying to soak it all in. I love you Rosie Pearl.