New Camera on Tour!

This tour was a ton of fun for me because right before we left I purchased a great camera and a few lenses. I have always had the desire to get into photography. I love a good picture and I have always felt like I had an eye for it (even if just on my iphone). With the new baby on the way, I decided it was finally time to invest in a great camera. That way I could take my own great pictures of my little girl once she arrived, and I could do a better job of documenting my time on the road w/ GRO. 

I did a ton of research and with the help of some photographer friends, decided to buy a Canon 6D. It's an awesome full frame camera that takes gorgeous photos / videos, and my favorite feature is that it has built in wifi. I can send images straight to my phone, which is perfect for social media!


While on tour you always have good amount of downtime, whether it's hanging out in the bus on the long drive, or the few hours after our soundcheck before our performances. Going into the tour I made a commitment to myself to really learn all I could about the camera and take advantage of that time. During our long drives I spent every free moment reading through books on photography, reading photography blogs, and taking tons of detailed notes. As soon as we got done with our soundcheck each night, I would go exploring and shoot for 1-3 hours. Sometimes I would rope a band member into coming along and modeling for me, but most nights I would just strap on my camera and go searching for my next great shot. It was a blast and I felt like by the end of the tour I really began to get a hang of it and wound up w/ some great pictures. 

Here are some shots from my time on the road. 



I hope you enjoyed my pictures!